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How can I retrieve the Password for my account in order to sign-in to My Way Email?
If you can't remember your Password for your My Way account here's how to retrieve the information:

 •  Complete the "Lost Password" form.
 •  Click the "Get Hint" button which will display the Password hint that you originally set up when signing up for the My Way site.
 •  If you added your email address to your Profile, you also have the option to have a new Password emailed to you.

You will need your Username along with your Password to sign-in to either your My Way user account or Email account.

What is My Way Prompt for Password?
Your Password is required for My Way Email, even if you are signed in to the My Way site. We do this to protect your account in case you share your computer with others and forget to sign out of My Way after exiting Email.
Prompt for Password lets you control how often My Way asks you to provide your Password when accessing these services.
For example, let's say you choose "Every 4 Hours" to be prompted for your Password. If you sign in to your My Way account at 9 a.m., you would be able to access your My Way Email account without being prompted for your Password until 1 p.m.
You also have the option of choosing "Never" in the Prompt for Password section, which means you will never be asked for your Password again. (You can always change this setting by clicking the Profile link at the bottom of any My Way page.)
To change your current Prompt for Password setting: Click here and sign in, then look for the "Prompt for Password" pull-down in your Profile.
How can I sign in to My Way Email in Secure Mode?
You can sign in to My Way Email using our Secure Sign In by selecting the "Secure Mode" link beneath the "Sign In" button on the Sign In page.

You will know you are in Secure Mode when a gold key icon appears in the top "sign in" header bar of the page and next to the "Sign In" button at bottom.

What is secure mode? How is it different from standard mode?
My Way offers its users two options when signing in to My Way Email - standard and secure mode. Standard mode is used by more users because pages tend to load faster.

Secure mode uses SSL encryptions - technology that allows for extra protection for your transmissions by "encrypting" your sign-in information. Downsides to secure mode include slower-loading pages and the fact that some older browsers don't support this technology.

To access secure mode while signing in, use the "my way email" link at the top of the My Page and then click the option for "Secure Mode" within the Sign-In box.